Volunteer Spotlight: Nury and Gloria Benitez

Volunteer Spotlight: Nury and Gloria Benitez

Nury and Gloria Benitez first entered the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit not as volunteers, but as siblings to a patient—their brother, Jeremy. “I was a freshman in high school,” Nury recalled. “I remember thinking the BMT floor was a lot colder than the oncology floor. Most kids weren't allowed out of their rooms and everything just seemed more clinical. His Grace helped changed that for us.”

Now, Nury and Gloria are part of that change for other families. Over the years, they have assembled and delivered welcome baskets, served meals, and volunteered at the annual HGF golf tournaments. 

“As both a volunteer, and a former patient family member myself, I know how trying these times can be,” Nury said. “I’ve always loved how His Grace has taken my unique perspective into account so that they can better serve these families. I am also bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish, and love being able to make families feel more comfortable by speaking their native language.”

Through conversations in both English and Spanish, unique understanding of the experiences of patient families, and joyful diligence, Nury and Gloria warm up patients and families on some of their coldest days.

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