Farewell & Thank You: Abby Perry, Communications Coordinator

Farewell & Thank You: Abby Perry, Communications Coordinator

After seven years of dedicated service, we bid farewell to our incredible Communications Coordinator, Abby Perry.

Executive Director, Val Anderson, captures our appreciation for Abby beautifully, saying:

"Abby’s devotion, passion and creativity to our mission has brought us to where we are today. Her ability to communicate who we serve and why has woven a thread of consistency in all we do on behalf of the patients and families we serve. We are beyond grateful for the blessing and investment Abby has made in HGF, which will continue to inspire us to be 'grace in the need of the moment'."

When asked what Abby enjoyed most about her time with us, she wrote:

"When I look back on the seven years I've spent with HGF, the first word that comes to mind is abundance. From our collective work serving families facing scarcity to my personal joy in finding creative ways to share our work with others, I've had the privilege of abundant exploration and opportunity. I'm grateful to my mom, Val, who decided to brave the waters of working with her daughter, to the HGF board for their enthusiasm as we tried new initiatives, and, most of all, to the patients and families HGF has the privilege of supporting. Stewarding your stories was the honor of a lifetime. As I transition into full-time freelance writing and editing, I'll, as E.E. Cummings wrote, carry your heart with me. "

Abby, we will miss your brilliant way with words and cannot thank you enough for all you've done to support HGF and the patients and families of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.

We are forever grateful and will miss you dearly!

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