When the results from Jazzalyn's prenatal screening came in, her family immediately knew something was wrong. Several days and tests later, they learned that Jazzalyn had Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID). Within Jazzalyn's first week of life, she was admitted to Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) where she spent months in the Intensive Care Unit.

Jazzalyn's aunt, Patsy, remembered that their HGF welcome basket contained a cozy blanket, a comfort of home that made their hospital room brighter and more colorful. Their family was sad and disappointed to spend Jazzalyn's first Thanksgiving in the hospital, but, in their words, "HGF thought of everything. There are many times that catered meals were brought into the room, but Thanksgiving one was the one that touched my heart the most."

Thanks to the incredible TCH staff and treatment she received, Jazzalyn celebrated one year of life on January 29, 2018. As her family thought back on the way HGF came alongside them during their stay, they joyfully remembered the weekly shopping service, as it allowed them to pick out specific foods and hygiene products. They also recalled the infant wish list — they chose a stroller, which Jazzalyn loved to ride in for walks around the BMTU halls when she was feeling well enough.

"HGF never once stopped coming in to visit, care, and take care of us with things we hardly had any time to stop and think about. We missed family, friends, home, not being able to go out of the four walls. HGF never forgot about us. To us, they were our family always bringing in good spirits and hope to our everyday trials, and giving us a reason to see the light at the end of the tunnel through their stories of hope they shared." ~ Patsy Garza, Jazzalyn's Aunt

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