When he was two years old, superhero-loving Rami faced his greatest foe: Acute Lympoblastic Leukemia. Rami decided that chemotherapy was his superpower, and he fought valiantly with his allies of family and friends alongside him.

When Rami was four, he needed a new superpower—a bone marrow transplant. His mother recalled that she and Rami were so scared when they arrived at Texas Children’s Hospital, but the welcome basket from His Grace Foundation was “filled with things [Rami] loved, which made us so happy.” Rami’s favorite basket items were a Star Wars blanket and superhero toys (of course!).

Rami and his family were in the hospital for Thanksgiving and Christmas. His mom loved the Thanksgiving dinner, and Rami delighted in the HGF volunteers singing Christmas Carols. Rami’s mom said she can’t choose a favorite HGF service because they were all her favorite. The weekly shopping service, massage therapy, delicious meals, DVD library, arts and crafts, and friendly volunteers “filled [Rami and his family] up with joy, hope, and faith.”

Rami’s mom shared with profound honesty, “being in the BMTU means living in heaven and hell. It is devastating, and words aren't enough to explain it. It is heaven, because you are enjoying your kid one more moment, you get one more hug, one more memory, you are grateful because you still have him. But, you live all the time in fear of losing him. It is hell, because you don't know if it will be the last word, memory, moment. Your life can change in just one second. You appreciate life, and treasure every moment, but you can't fully enjoy it due to the fear.”

On May 16, 2012, Rami’s battle with Leukemia ended. His mom said, “He gained his wings. He came back to his home with God. Now, he is flying like the greatest superhero.”

In memory of their beloved hero, and inspired by His Grace Foundation, Rami’s family started SuperRami & Friends, which “provides joy, fun and moral support to children who are fighting against the Villain: Cancer.”

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