Chloe Rodriguez was diagnosed with leukemia as a young girl and learned that her leukemia had returned in the Spring of 2010. She was so upset by the news, but even then she looked for a silver lining — dyeing her brown her blonde and pink before losing it to chemotherapy (the first time she had leukemia, Chloe's dad gave her a Mohawk!).

Doctors told Chloe that she would require a bone marrow transplant. Her family was tested in order to find the best match for her. Her brother, Cole, was a perfect match. On April 30, 2010, Chloe received Cole’s bone marrow and her body responded successfully. She was able to go home on May 28th, and less than a year later she was enjoying a normal life once again — attending public school, participating in sports, and spending time with friends.

When Chloe thinks back on her time at TCH, she specifically remembers the welcome basket provided by HGF. Chloe’s mom, Lisa, remembered that Chloe was nervous and afraid about being admitted to the bone marrow transplant unit and that receiving the basket took her mind off of where she was.

“She sat on her bed going through everything and it put a big smile on her face,” Lisa recalled. Lisa said that, for her, the best service provided by HGF was the weekly shopping service.

“It may not seem like much to the outside world,” she told us, “but when you are stuck inside that hospital room for weeks and weeks it was a great thing to look forward to. It's the little things like that I remember most. Oh, and the family meals were amazing.”

Chloe is now a teenager and enjoying high school life, going to homecoming (pictured here), driving, and having fun with friends.

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